Connect Classes: Strengthening Faith - Building Connections

Connect Classes meet every Sunday at 9 AM

Ignite Singles

Adam and Kristine Brittain
Room 201 (Ages 19-29)

Ignite Singles is a fellowship of college students and young professionals, combining deep spiritual teaching with plenty of opportunities for fellowship. Join us for our group activities and Wednesday night Bible study at 7 pm! Come experience growth and community with us.
Life Builders
New Beginnings

Rich & Stacey Kaszak
Room 208 (Ages 30+)

All Christians have a new beginning in Christ. This Connect Class bridges Biblical narratives with the complexities of everyday life. Our goal is to help individuals understand and embrace new life in Christ while fostering deeper connections with fellow believers.

Home Builders

Joe & Sarah Wehmeier
Co-Teachers: TJ & Lauran Greenlee; Russell & Lauren Curlee; Tim & Olivia Rogers
Rooms 211 & 212 (Ages 20-45)

One class; two options! Our Young Marrieds classes cover the same Bible topics while giving attendees an option to connect with others in a similar stage of life. Life Builders is intended for couples beginning their marriage journey together, while Home Builders is intended for those couples a little further along their journey, perhaps with school-aged children. Both classes offer a supportive and welcoming environment for couples seeking to keep Christ at the center of their marriage journey together.

Faith & Family

Bryan & Jane Doerstling
Room 209 (Ages 40-60)

In this Connect Class, experienced couples study God's Word to unearth practical lessons that encourage and strengthen their family. Through teachings from God's Word, couples are equipped to navigate the complexities of family life with grace, resilience, and a deep-rooted faith.

Bible Matters

Mike & Gracia Laymon
Room 202 (All Ages)

The purpose of this Connect Class is to produce a passion for studying, learning, and rightly dividing God’s Word. As the name suggests, the Bible matters in every aspect of our lives, and this class for all ages focuses on making it the primary resource for life and godliness.
Faith & Family

Dave & Dawn Birkey
Room 210B (Ages 55+)

This Connect Class is designed for senior adults who understand the importance of building a rich spiritual heritage for the generations that follow. By engaging in meaningful conversations about God's Word, participants can continue to deepen their faith, fostering a heritage of godliness and devotion that will inspire the next generation.

Bible Matters

John Jacobs
Room 101 (All Ages)

In this Connect Class, believers of all ages unite in an in-depth exploration of God's Word. Our aim is to promote an environment of profound study of Scripture where attendees can receive spiritual guidance and be equipped to face life's challenges with unwavering faith.

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